Holy Communion

relief, concrete, diameter 200 cm, Hamburg, Daimlerstrasse, (Germany)

This relief was designed as a sign for a chapel. The building is mainly vertical in its structure. The circle as a geometrical form stands as a good contrast to this concept. The circle in itself is a unit and stands also for unity. It is here an open circle, an inviting one. The group is serving one another in different aspects.

Community on the way

relief, bronze, b. 105 cm, Cuxhaven, Mozartstrasse, (Germany)

This work was made for a church-centre at the North Sea. The situation at sea was required in this relief. The stormy waves stand for difficult times and danger. The boat is a reminder of a refuge and a life-boat, that even in the midst of storm and trouble this group will be brought safely to their destiny.


reliëf in brons, b.67 cm, Amsterdam, Prins Hendrikkade

This work was made for the entrance hall of “Samaritan’s Inn”. From this building the organisation “Youth with a Mission” offers different services to people in need. The difficulties of these people in distress are often so complex, that the helper looks for solution to another dimension.

The City

relief, bronze, h. 50 cm, Hamburg, private collection, (Germany)

A family wanted a reminder for their newly built house: “For here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come” (Hebrew 13: 14).
In our cities the buildings of banks and insurance companies rise high above our churches.
Still the church has the highest place here.

Churchdoor for the Elthetokerk in Amsterdam

plaster, h. 249 cm

This project was planned for bronze.
The church council wanted two themes for this door:
“Your Kingdom come” (which is the meaning of Eltheto) and “Keep on praising God”.
Additionally this church door is inspired by Isaiah 60: 18 “But you shall call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise.”
This work was made in a sort of cubistic manner in order to fit this building, which was built in the style of the Amsterdam School.

Church community on golden ground

b. 200 cm, Chapel in Zeven, Rhalandstrasse, Germany